Composite Solutions

Efficient production from the roll to the stringer

Alimentato da bobine di materiale multiple, il sistema produce parti strutturali complesse in composito come le traverse con più di una dozzina di strati singolarmente modellati in un processo continuo
Powered by multiple material coils, the system produces complex composite structural parts such as stringers with more than a dozen individually shaped layers in a continuous process

For several years, Broetje-Automation has been working with Spirit AeroSystems to further automate the preforming of large composite structural parts for aircraft in a stable, continuous process. Reproducible high quality of long and complex profiles, such as stringers for future aircraft, can be achieved very quickly and cost-effectively. Lay-up rates of 100 kg/h are just the beginning. The preforming of large structural parts made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP/composites) in aircraft manufacturing is often still a manual process: at best semi-automated, thus very time-consuming and cost-intensive. In some cases, individual layers are prepared on cutting tables, cleared onto separate tables, then superimposed in negative forms and thermally fixed to stabilize the preform prior to consumption.

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