Composite Solutions




It was inevitable that the world of lightweight materials would dominate traditional materials. This is proved by the fact that nowadays we are trying to lighten any vehicle, whether it travels by land, by sea or by air, thus favouring the mechanical, sports, construction and other industries while obtaining at the same time further advantages in terms of both size and weight. The world is changing its means of propulsion from fossil fuels to eco-sustainable energies and even more so, in the transportation sector, the lighter the vehicle the lower the consumption while still obtaining the highest efficiency. In the industrial, sporting, construction industries and in many other sectors, the more high-performance, lighter and more resistant the materials are, the less burden they are on the structures, while at the same time offering greater safety. Furthermore, the use of composite materials often helps to use less local raw materials such as forests, mines, quarries and so on, thus bringing us closer to what is required by Europe in the context of the Green Deal. It is undeniable that the composite material, if it is well designed and manufactured, favours the production of structures and products which are incomparable with other materials. To realize the potential of composite materials it is enough to evaluate the occurrences of degradation which other materials can suffer, which does not happen with composite materials which are not subject to corrosion. With the magazine “Composite Solutions & Technopolymers” we want to monitor R&D to offer all industries, in the various sectors, greater competitiveness, better performance and more advanced production technologies while always respecting the integrity of the planet.


Thermoset composites are used in many different end markets and applications that need a strong, durable, lightweight material, increasingly replacing metal and …