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Composites represent an important segment of the world of materials. They are very useful in the every day life and they help to make it simpler.

They are also considered high-tech, resistant, efficient, lightweight and high-performance. Composites provide wonderful solutions, sometimes simple, some top secrets which cannot be disclosed.

It is important to consider that the composite industry is extremely innovative and driven by research activities. The innovative use of composites boosts the industry and their high-performance test standards guarantee that every generation of product offers composite solutions which are better than the previous generation ones. This is true for the automotive and aeronautic industry, but also for the construction, military, marine, energy, design … to mention just a few.

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Composite Solutions & Technopolymers deals with the most interesting developments in all industrial sectors and it shows the most innovative solutions on the market.
Nowadays, there are many materials and processes available. The light weight, strength and corrosion resistance of composite materials mean that they are replacing other materials in a large variety of applications, for example, the larger and larger wind turbines which are still installed around the world, can rely on the strength of the composite based blades.
With our magazine and website we reach designers and manufacturers of many industries where composites are or can be used. Our goal is to keep our readers up to date with all the latest materials and processing technologies, highlighting opportunities and new challenges giving useful information.
We give our readers the latest information from composite materials industry, from raw materials to finished products.
Due to the constant growth and globalization of industries which we work with, it is also important that Composite Solutions & Technopolymers is involved with the emerging markets. Magazines such as Composite Solutions & Technopolymers are useful as an excellent promotion of composite materials.
The magazine communicates with designers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors and purchasers to show through words and pictures how these solutions become a matter of fact. One of the best ways to do this is through “case studies”.
Over the years, Composite Solutions & Technopolymers has gained an excellent reputation for the high quality of the information published and it is appreciated by the global community of this sector.


Published since 2007, Composite Solutions & Technopolymers is distributed to about 48.000 professionals of this sector throughout the world in a digital format. In general, our circulation includes a mix of suppliers and distributors for the composites industry as well as for R&D professionals and enterprises. Other sectors we work with are the end users of composite materials in sectors such as the wind energy, aerospace, automotive, construction, marine and many others.

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