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SHD Group introduce a bio-epoxy tooling system delivering excellent results on short cycle times

SHD Group, a leading provider of advanced prepreg materials, today announced the launch of LTB300, a new tooling system that is 30% bio-based, offers an excellent surface finish, cures rapidly at low temperatures, and can be delivered on short lead times.
LTB300 is a novel prepreg tooling system for manufacturers who are looking for a material that is both more environmentally friendly and of equally high-performance to the incumbent systems.
The resin system is tailored to 200gsm carbon fabric for the surface plies and 650gsm or 1000gsm fabrics for bulking plies to provide a conventional 1-8-1 or a more rapid 1-5-1 configuration.
Tack and drape have been optimised to provide operators with a system to laminate high quality tools in record time.