Composite Solutions



Z-WasTEK, the pioneering project to produce sustainable carbon-based composites

The waste stream from composites used in the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors is a crucial issue for these industries, in terms of both carbon footprint and costs. Indeed, the accumulation of carbon fibre and glass composites from the aerospace and wind power industries alone is estimated to exceed 840,000 tonnes by 2050.
Against this backdrop, the global engineering group SEGULA Technologies is participating in Spain in the “Z-WasTEK” collaborative project, the aim of which is to develop technologies for producing sustainable carbon-based composites. The project aims to alleviate the current problem with composites: the difficulty of recycling and repairing parts made from this material.
Z-WasTEK uses a resin that enables materials to be reprocessed, repaired and recycled (3R), supporting the circular economy and the use of low-impact, environmentally sustainable materials. This technology can be used in mobility sectors such as aerospace, automotive and rail.