Composite Solutions

Kanfit increases production throughput and improves on time delivery with Plataine’s AI-based


Kanfit, a leading manufacturer of parts and assemblies for Aerospace & Defense chose Plataine, a leading provider of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and AI-based optimization solutions, to implement its Production Scheduler to improve factory throughput, increase production rates and flexibility. The company delivers ready-to-fly assemblies and products made of composites and advanced metals and is known for its innovative manufacturing solutions in Aerospace and Defense. Following the recent peak in aerospace demand, Kanfit was looking to speed up production. One of the challenges the company faced was its reliance on Excel spreadsheets in its planning process. This manual method of executing the schedule hindered visibility and transparency, leading to less-than-optimal levels of control over manufacturing operations; stations, autoclaves, human resources, and tools were often underutilized.
The company was hard hit by the Corona virus. Getting production back up to speed was a priority. Its weekly process of production planning consumed valuable time better spent on critical tasks. Using Excel to prepare the production plan slowed down its ability to react quickly to unexpected events on the production floor. Also, the manufacturing success was heavily dependent on a single planner who held all the knowledge—business strategy, rules, and industry insights. The company needed a solution that would not only address its immediate challenges but also lay the foundation for sustainable growth.

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