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Increased efficiency of rotor blade production for wind turbines using release film


By developing release agent-free process and material systems in the sub-project “Release film technology for optimized rotor blade production” of the joint project ”OptiBlade”, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM, together with their partners Olin Blue Cube Germany and Infiana Germany, succeeded in optimizing rotor blade production for wind turbines, thereby providing the basis for considerably reducing their manufacturing costs. The cost-efficient production automation achieved, including increased quality assurance and improvements in health protection and ergonomics during production, will enable the expansion of wind turbines to be driven forward in the context of the Energy Concept 2050.

In the newly developed low-pressure plasma plant of Fraunhofer IFAM, a 2.1 m wide film half-tube is equipped with an ultra-thin plasma-polymeric release layer

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