Composite Solutions

New PBT offering outstanding adhesion with widely used silicone adhesive


E-mobility and the trend toward driving assistance and safety systems are leading to a sharp rise in demand in the automotive industry for thermoplastics for electronic equipment and modules. Typical applications include housings for radar sensors, control units and cameras. One common method of manufacturing these housings involves the bonding of individual, injection-molded parts such as covers, side panels, bases and connectors.
Silicone adhesive systems are commonly used here because of their efficiency and performance. The thermoplastic substrates often have to be adapted to suit these adhesives. One successful example of this is the new polyester Pocan® B3234HR S2 (PBT) from Envalior. This hydrolytically stabilized compound offers outstanding adhesion with a primer-free applied, thermally quick-hardening single-component silicone adhesive that is already widely used on the market. 

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